Update #2

I am sitting in my room at 1:10 am waiting to skype with Stim Board (it may not happen) and I thought, “why not write a blog post?”  As I suspected, it has been a while, which means time for another update post.  Since my last post, a few major things have happened.

First is my trip to Glasgow.  Before I went I didn’t know what to expect.  People here in St. Andrews didn’t seem, generally, to be a fan of the city.  But I think that many of them had never been there.  They had just heard the statistics and heard bad stories and applied it to the whole city.  However, it was beautiful.  The thing that people said about it being the Philly of Scotland rang pretty true after visiting.  There is the reputation thing, but they are both industrial cities, which led to many instances when I would look over and think “that could be Philly”.  Most of the city was built in the 1800s, which is different than many other European cities, although the history is not lacking.  We visited many places including the Glasgow Cathedral (where we got a private tour from a retired teacher named Malcolm) and the Necropolis (an awesome, giant graveyard), which pleased my inner historian.  We also went apple and pear picking in people’s yards (with their permission, of course), which was really fun and cool.  In the US, people would just ignore you or call the cops, and, although we were probably ignored a few times, we got several bags full of fruit.

The second major update is that I am currently roommateless.  This is a mixed blessing.  My roommate and I get along, so it wasn’t anything like that, but due to a series of things one of my roommate’s friends was left roommateless, and she really needed one for health reasons.  My roommate asked me if I would be okay if she left, I said yes, and that is pretty much the full story.  Not as exciting as Glasgow, but a major part of my journey here nonetheless.  It has been fine so far.  A little weird at first, but it is fine now.  The weirdest part is that, technically, someone could move in at any time.  I guess I will just have to see what happens.

That is it for now.  I think that I am going to post this to facebook soon, so, if you see this from there, hi new viewer!  I also have a youtube channel with the same name as this blog which I have not been dedicating a lot of time to but will hopefully update more now that I have a new camera (oh yeah, my camera broke so I got a new one in Glasgow.  The price still hurts, but it is nice to be able to keep documenting).  Finally, if you are reading this and we aren’t facebook friends (something highly unlikely), comment and I will upload pictures.  I have already put pictures up on facebook, but if there is demand here I will do that too.  Until next time!

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